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Sealing foundation cracks is an important step to take to keep the foundation from deteriorating.

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How To Seal Cracks in Foundation

Sealing foundation cracks is an important step to take to keep the foundation from deteriorating. Foundation cracks can allow water and other elements into your foundation, which will cause it to rot away.

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Fill in or cover up any exposed pipes, cables, and wires that are visible on the foundation.

 These will create a pathway for water to infiltrate your foundation and cause more damage over time. Fill in any open cracks around doors, windows, or other foundation openings with caulk. Use steel wool if you need to remove paint from these areas first (you may want to use gloves as well).  If there is concrete dust at the top of an exterior wall near where it meets another surface such as roofing shingle, siding, or eaves troughs, clean that area off before applying sealant; otherwise, when curing time passes by some of this dust may get into the crack and weaken its bondability eventually leading to future failure.   Apply sealants along all sides of the foundation walls so that the sealant coats the foundation. This will prevent water from seeping in and providing a pathway for foundation damage to occur. Avoid using quick-drying products on vertical surfaces as excessive heat can be emitted during curing which may cause materials nearby to ignite or burn.

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Cover exposed foundation with a concrete sealant that matches your house's exterior color.

Cracks in concrete foundations can be repaired with a variety of products and methods. However, the most affordable and successful way to fix these cracks is by applying a sealant that matches your house’s exterior color on top of exposed areas. This prevents water from entering inside or underneath the foundation and causing damage to surrounding structures which may lead to mold growth or other foundation problems.

Sealing foundation crack is an important step in maintaining your home’s structural integrity, as well as preventing water infiltration and mold growth inside your walls.  To prevent foundation cracks from getting worse, you’ll want to make sure that they’re properly inspected on at least a monthly basis for signs of damage or shifting foundations which are likely factors leading up to foundation cracking.  You can then paint the foundation to match your exterior house color. Note that if you find it necessary to remove old paint, be sure to use a proper primer and follow all manufacturer instructions for applying new paint.