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Whenever homeowners in the St. Paul/Minneapolis metro area need any kind of concrete work done the best place to call is Minneapolis Concrete. We’ve been in the business for years and we know how to do concrete. We love big jobs, we love small jobs, and we love satisfied customers.

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When you want to build a new house, Minneapolis Concrete Construction will be with you every step of the way.  Starting at the very foundation of your house, we can perform any services you need.

The contractors at Minneapolis Concrete Construction have the experience needed to pour a basement foundation.  We have all the necessary forms for pouring and can configure your basement to your exact requirements. 


Professional Engineer

Minneapolis Concrete Construction contract with structural engineers to ensure every job is completed technically using proven scientific methods.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We put the job estimate in writing and we do it. Any time you have a concern we will respond and take care of the problem.

Talk To Real People

You will talk to a real person when you call. Even when we get very busy, our local trained staff will answer the call.   

Fully Insured & Licensed

Our concrete contractors are fully insured including general liability, completed operations. and worker’s compensation.



concrete foundation

A problem with the base of your home can’t be ignored for long. The longer it’s left to develop the worse the problem will become, and the more expensive it will be to repair.

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foundation waterproofing

Moisture in your basement is a nightmare. Whether you use your basement as a living space or just as a place to store things that don’t fit anywhere else, a moisture problem is not a good sign.

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concrete footings

Radon is a radioactive gas that causes cancer once inhaled. This invisible, tasteless, and scentless gas rises out of natural rocks and gets into the air that you breathe.

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foundation drainage

Sinking concrete can be dangerous, a trip hazard, and look bad on the property. We'll fix it with our concrete leveling, concrete raising, and lifting services.

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A drain tile in your Minneapolis home can stop water infiltration that leads to serious consequences that can make the house uninhabitable by its occupants.

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stamped concrete

Basements are a great way of creating some extra living space in your home, but how exactly can you make that happen? There are a load of problems with building underground.

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Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Located in Minneapolis Minnesota in Hennepin County just (2 mi) west of downtown Minneapolis.

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Basement Foundation Repair Minnesota

For a harsh climate like Minnesota, Minneapolis Concrete can pour concrete foundation footings before pouring the foundation. Foundation footings are a good idea in an area where the ground freezes. The footings are typically placed below the frost line along a trench, and the concrete is reinforced with rebar. Then the foundation walls are built and poured.

About Our Company

Founded in 2014 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Dustin transformed his general contractor business to focus on concrete contracting, house foundations, slab foundations, concrete footings, concrete driveways, and concrete floors. Minneapolis Concrete Construction quickly expanded its cutting-edge concrete construction methods servicing the entire Twin Cities Metro with great success.


You can count on Minneapolis Concrete to arrive on time so that your general contractor can start their work on time. More importantly, you can count on a strong, sturdy foundation that can withstand Minnesota weather.
Other homeowners will decide to build their homes on a crawl space. Minneapolis Concrete knows there are many advantages with a crawl space foundation.
With a crawl space, air can circulate. Also, there are cost benefits to building over a crawl space. If your lot is sloping, it can be costly to level the lot. With a crawl space, you don’t have to level the lot. Minneapolis Concrete can pour the concrete crawl space to the proper heights to make everything level.


The first thing you’ll want to know is probably where the leak is coming from and there are loads of different places that the moisture could be coming from.

This gives you peace of mind that your home’s structure is completely repaired and the structure is safe and sound once again. We don’t want you to have to repair the foundations every couple of years, our work is made to last.

We can take care of all sorts of different foundation repairs including foundation crack repairs, basement wall leaks, and many more.

This gives you peace of mind that your home’s structure is completely repaired and the structure is safe and sound once again. We don’t want you to have to repair the foundations every couple of years, our work is made to last.

We can take care of all sorts of different basement repairs in Minneapolis including basement waterproofing, foundation crack repairs, basement wall leaks, and many more.

Foundation problems are rarely caused by anything you’ve done. The most common causes are poor soil conditions around your home or poor materials and construction techniques having been used when the property was constructed.

Leaning walls, cracks in floors and basement walls, and sinking homes are some of the most common complaints we receive from homeowners. We use industry leading techniques to take care of these problems for you. Take action quickly to prevent more damage from being done to your home and give us a call now to schedule your appointment for a consultation or for foundation repair!

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We will take care of any basement lifting or repair work that needs to taken care of so that your floors can be smooth and even once more in no time at all.

First, we clean the surface of the concrete that needs to be raised so that no dirt or debris gets inside during the repair. Then, we drill holes through the concrete and inject a special polyurethane foam into these holes. This will level the surface out and lift the basement. Once we have filled in the holes and patched over them, we’ll talk you through the curing process and give you a timescale for when you can use that piece of concrete again. This should only take a few hours, and afterwards everything will look exactly as if nothing ever happened.


Our basement finishing service can get your basement ready for whatever purpose you want on no time at all. We use industry leading techniques and materials to get your basement ready for whatever you want to use it for.

We will provide you with a dry, solid, safe, and healthy basement that you can turn into absolutely anything you want to to give you that extra bit of space that you want. Whether it’s an extra bedroom, an office, a gym, or just some more storage space that you want, our basement finishing service will have your basement ready for it in no time at all.




Hughes Construction Company installs a variety of foundation repairs and structural repairs that are designed by licensed engineers.